Washington Patriots Band Boosters

Supporting the instrumental music programs of Washington High School

Patriots Band Boosters

Supporting instrumental music at Washington High School

Help During the Marching Band Classic

This is a list of the people currently signed up to help during the event. As a rule of thumb, we need at least 25 people working the concession stand, 10 or so helping move equipment (depending on how many tractors/trailers we have), at least 8 helping with traffic and parking, 6 or so doing band check-in, 2 guides for each band, 6 manning the spirit tables, 2 to 4 in the ticket booth, 1 or 2 handling judge hospitality, 2 to 4 runners, and a couple helping hand out the awards. Details of all the positions are displayed on the sign-up page.

Descriptions of each job are on the sign-up page.

[[ no jobs have been defined for 2020 yet ]]